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Charles & Christian 

Christian and I met in Katy, Texas. We determined that our covenant marriage would be dedicated to the Lord we served as individuals and then joined as a couple. We spent our honeymoon on a mission trip to Mexico. Christian and I have participated in short term mission trips in multiple places of the world. ​We have 3 children and 4 grandchildren.


I enjoy taking pictures of the places we travel to and things that catch my eye in architecture.

I love being outside or sitting on the couch with our Peruvian Inca Orchid, EVO. He is the national dog of Peru and is so much fun to have around. Christian and I like to sit out in the yard and watch him chase his buddy Shadow. She is a rescue pet and loves to taunt him and keep him in line. 


Christian was born in Arizona, and like Pastor Charles, was raised in a Christian home. Her dad was a Southern Baptist pastor. She has lived in many countries and states. She loves music and reading. Some of her favorite authors are Kelli Minter, Jennie Allen, Priscilla Shrier, Mark Batterson, Andrew Murray, Dutch Sheets, and Lysa Terkhuerst. If you asked her what was a book that really impacted her, she would probably tell you “Circle Maker” by Mark Batterson which impacted her prayer life greatly. She doesn’t have much time for reading though between working a full-time job, doing ministry with Pastor Charles, and keeping up with their 2 dogs. She does have a heart for younger women in hoping to guide them to make the right choices and fully grasp how wonderful and special they are in being daughters of the KING. She too enjoys sitting with women over a cup of coffee or tea and listening to their hearts.

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